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Eilidh Milnes, AKA Captain Cofidence

Eilidh Milnes


Wondering how to pronounce her fine Scottish name? It’s Ay-lee.

Eilidh Milnes provides a fresh perspective and commonsense solutions for everyday life problems such as resilience and managing change.

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She inspires audiences to boost their confidence, productivity and relationships through her exuberant storytelling and change management programmes. As soon as you hear Eilidh speak, you will realise why she’s known as ‘Captain Positive’ 


Happiness drives success! In "The Positive Advantage" Eilidh embraces her optimistic communication techniques. As a result dramatic improvements have occurred for many of her clients, These include eduction and blue-chip corporates such as BAE Systems, Barclays, BT, Compass, Hochtief, Morgan Stanley and PwC, plus a wide range of companies and individuals.


A highly acclaimed author, Eilidh has been an international motivational speaker and executive coach since 1995.

In 2014, she was National President of the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland. Click here for more on Eilidh Milnes, professional motivational speaker for confidence. 


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Business Confidence

How would increased self-awareness and reduced conflict impact performance?
Do all your high-flyers have the communication skills they need?
Would you like to reduce absenteeism and staff turnover?

Career Confidence

Are you looking for a new direction, or a new role after redundancy?
Need a hand to reach the next rung on the promotion ladder?
Trying to overcome issues that are holding you back?

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Do you ever go networking as part of your marketing strategy?
Are you worried what to say in your ‘elevator pitch’?
Do you want the inside secrets of how to use networking to your advantage?

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Do you ever have to give presentations?
Does the thought of speaking in public leave you dry-mouthed and wobbly at the knees?
Do you dream of stepping onto that stage in full confidence?

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