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4 Behaviours for a Balanced Business - Business Leadership Confidence

Balancing Your Business and Your Life

1. Change Your Terminology

Rather than saying "I'm too busy," say "Right now that's not important to me." When you adopt this attitude it is much harder for you to say no to the experiences, people, and events that truly contribute to your work-life balance, because you know how important they are. What you are looking for is harmony and living your life in balance. 

Being busy does not necessarily mean that:

  • You're effective.
  • You're a success.
  • You're important.

If you're constantly busy it may indicate that you need to review your delegation skills; that you've not grasped how to efficiently organise your time; or to say no. Perhaps what you need to be is less busy to allow space to define your purpose; to seek clarity; or stop procrastinating? Know that some opportunities are just distractions in disguise. There are way too many new and shiny things to chase after nowadays. Read more on Busy, busy, busy? A problem solved.

2. Review Your Habits

You don’t need to figure it out the hard way. Learn from the experience and wisdom of others. Take into consideration these four tips when your business is making you feel overwhelmed. I have found that I am more effective and productive when I take extra time to follow a regimen of self-care and life-business balance. It may take some experimenting for you to find the balance prescription that's right for you.  However these ideas earmark some of the things that are creating more and more balanced business owners.

3. Use Technology 

Make the decision to be present! Be in the moment and enjoy your life. USE IT don't abuse it. No more compulsively checking your email on your phone or pad when you should be relaxing with your family! Decide on what works for you and develop simple daily routines. Personally, my deadline is to switch my phone to flight mode by 8pm each night. I never read mail after then and I simply do not send or reply to emails after this deadline. This action is totally against a balance philosophy. I encourage people to live fulfilled, happy and energetic lives.

I ask other business owners and tech. people I respect to share one app or IT process that helps them to be more productive. People are usually more than happy to help in this way. Are you overloaded by email? Then this is a must-read! How to Manage Mail - From Misery to Extraordinary! 

4. Negativity Out, Positivity In! 

Replace negative self-talk with gratitude. You have the power to free yourself from the cycle of doubt and misery. Start practicing gratitude every time you want to criticise yourself or complain about others. Check out the EasyMoods mood boosters. We waste more time worrying or complaining about something than it would take to just handle it.

Start a gratitude diary for 7 days. You'll be amazed by the difference this once small act can make. Grab  Confidence Now and learn how to start your gratitude log today. (it's free!)

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