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5 Words to Help You THINK Positively about Career Confidence

Think About Having a Balanced Career


True? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind?

From a writer's point of view, it's extremely encouraging when people take time to respond to the content of your blogs and ezines. Comments from my readers are always insightful. Take the message from an Australian subscriber and fellow Scot John Flett. "I met you when you spoke at a conference on the Gold Coast. I always enjoying reading your newsletters and a previous one made me think of what I sometimes use with my clients. It is an acronym of the word, THINK."

Is it True
Is it Helpful
Is it Inspirational
Is it Necessary
and lastly the one I love - similar to just be nice - is it KIND?

Thanks John! If people took time to "THINK" then personal and professional relationships would be much more harmonious and productive. If people thought about the impact of their words and actions, their lives, their businesses and their careers would be much more balanced. 

30-Day Challenge

Personally I am making THINK my challenge for the next 30 days. I plan to focus on John's idea of being truthful, helpful, inspirational and kind; whilst checking the value of my input by asking... is this necessary? I trust "thinking" proves useful to you and your team too. Join me in the challenge?

Feedback or Feed Forward

After Readers are Leaders several folks suggested titles which are already on my Amazon Affiliate site, however Tricia Bodell and Jane Artess put forward new titles. And my holiday novel which was recommended during a confidence workshop. "Left Neglected "- thanks to Janine Curwell, General Manager at Belong. You'll find all three books on page 8 here.

Enjoy this Ted Talk by Brene Brown she is a storyteller, researcher, social worker. In "The power of vulnerabilty ... and connection" she explores the fear and worthiness of connection. Do you have the courage to be imperfect? What do people think about you? What do you think about yourself? Are you willing to be vulnerable? Learn about the 'wholehearted'. It's fascinating; Brene talks about being enough - parents and educators listen-in at 18 minutes - I think you'll find it illuminating, encouraging and thought provoking. 

Claim a Free Gift

Need More? Check out the free smart sheets and downloads on EasyMoods. And finally, keep your eyes open for signs or views that amuse or motivate! THINK! Please send me your images. There are gifts and goodies for you to claim when you do :)

For starters, here's one I spotted in Virgin Train's First Class Lounge in Euston Station last week. 

someday someone's going to look at you like your the best thing in the world...

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