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Are You A Great Leader? How to Futureproof Your Career with Confidence

How to Futureproof Your Business

Do The Right Things

Peter Drucker is credited with saying, "Doing the right things is more important than doing the things right." 

If you want to grow your business or your personal career it is vital that you do the right things and aspire to emulate that best of the best. Aim to adopt the traits of key Fortune 500 stars such as Virgin, Samsung and Microsoft.

Great leaders encourage the alternative and unconventional. They value thinkers who are not afraid to question and step outside of the box. My speaker associate and lateral thinker Paul Sloane says, "The best way to create value is to transform or re-invent your way ahead of the competiition in order to create incremental market share. You can do this by leveraging the creative power of your human capital. The goal is to turn them into opportunistic entrepreneurs who are constantly looking for new ways of doing business." Embrace the power of difference. More on "How to Grow Your Leadership Team."

Risk Takers

Leaders are bold and brave. Are you risk averse? Conduct a quick mental risk assessment. Remove any roadblocks by taking action today. Charge down potential insecurities, because walking on the wild side of life is hugely rewarding both emotionally and financially. Great leaders welcome new environments and understand their strengths. They compensate for their weaker points by delegating challenging areas to others. Leaders know that knowledge is a dynamic that is constantly changing so frequently ask, "Can I/we do this better?" When you look at your career, what changes can you make to enhance your future prospects?

Co-operate, Collaborate, Network!

All successful people and companies know the power of both networking and co-operation. They acknowledge the necessity to develop excellent people skills and to form working relationships and with stakeholders. They also act as if they own the organisation. Employees who act as if the company is theirs are worth their weight in gold. Great leaders like these take initiative, they see the bigger picture with a critical eye. Richard Branson is the epitome of this type of leader. More on the power of strategic alliances.

Be Value Driven

I am a popular speaker in the health and safety sector. Initially this puzzled me. I am not at all risk averse, in fact I take a punt on most things. One day, on stage at an IOSH conference I looked out at the delegates and the reason struck me! It's nothing to do with risk! It's all to do with values! Health and safety practitioners are good people. They want their staff to come to work; to be happy doing a worthwhile job in a safe environment and to go home to their families and loved ones each night. In short, they take care of each other. And not surprisingly their values mirror mine. There is synergy and congruence. 

To have a long and successful career and/or to be a great leader you cannot fake your values. If your actions contradict your convictions people inevitably see through you. Be transparent. Align your Integrity, values and ethics to ensure that your company is sustainable. Change is inevitable. Great leaders empower employees to act on their creative vision of what change looks like. Successful individuals confidently envisage their careers with clarity. This is the futureproofer!