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Balancing Your Presentation - Public Speaking Confidence

Balancing Your Presentation - Public Speaking Confidence

Balancing Your Presentation and Public Speaking Confidence

Some estimates state that 65% of adults are desperately afraid to get up and speak in front of others. In my experience, I've found this to be the case. To quote a well know turn of phrase, "Many people would rather go to bed with snakes and spiders than stand up and present!" Read more in Peter Roper and Andy Lopata's book, "Death Came Third."

I wonder, is public speaking one of your biggest fears? I am currently coaching two people to increase their speaking confidence - one the father of a bride - the other a senior manager so it certainly is a common concern.

Here are nine easy pitching points I shared with both clients.


However, before I do, here's a second speaking statistic which will make you sit up, think and hopefully spur you to action! "People who speak and communicate effectively earn 81% more than those who do not!" That factoid certainly motivates most. What about you?

Read more here if you need some help with your pitches and presentation and learn how I can help you present with more structure and pizazz.

9 Ways to Wow Your Audience

  1. Be yourself!
  2. Have a great opener
  3. Practice till you know your material inside out
  4. Work on your "ums"... "errs" using breath control
  5. Learn the  power of a pause
  6. Never apologise or say "I'm sorry I don't do this very often," or something similar such as "I'm nervous! or "I'm standing in for Jane/John who could not make it today!"
  7. Structure your talk or pitch
  8. Start with your end in mind
  9. Close with a smile, your thanks and a call to action!

Stories and Strategies 

There are lots of stories and strategies in my book, "Confidence The 7 Keys To Your Happiness" including more tips on how to pitch more proficiently. Folks tell me it makes good reading :)

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It's Only a Matter of Time...

At some point you will need to be able to get up and speak in front of others; maybe at a wedding or special occasion; perhaps at work to give a report; or a spontaneous serundiptious moment.  Yes, it really is only a matter of time. So it makes sense to up-skill now.

When you think of successful people they are almost without exception excellent presenters; for inspiration view footage of President Obama. Being successful requires the effective communication of your ideas to other people. Obama is an outstanding orator, who inspires even the most confident of speakers. However we cannot all present at his level of competence and inspiration. Yet we can all be just a bit better than we were last time. To support you on your speaker journey, why not download the illuminating Speaking DNA Report? It's free and guaranteed to give you a confidence boost. 

This month I am coaching university students on Essential Life Skills a course which focuses on presentation and interview skills. If I can help your organisation in a similar way, do get in touch. If you have an idea to share - maybe a story or public speaking tip - please let us have it via email. we'll happily share your ideas in a future edition. Thank you supporting my books, broadcasts and blogs.

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