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How to Grow Your Leadership Team to Boost Business Confidence

Growing Your Leadership Teams

Leading Rockstars

At some point, all leaders expect to lead and to be led. Most great leaders are on a missison to build and lead a team of rockstars. Lets face it, who wants to lead an average or mediocre group?

Only One Tip?!

Leading rockstars takes persistence and a consistent pursuit of personal and professional development. Constant personal reflection and taking action based on regular evaluation or feed-forward (as opposed to feedback) as I like to call it. I constantly study the art of leadership and have drawn many comparisons from my experience in education and my husband's time in the British Army coupled to our experience as entrepreneurs leading, developing and growing business teams.

Just one tip you might be thinking? Yes, because if you don't lead based on this and nail it down, then all other tips and advice are meaningless. How do you create an environment of leadership at all levels; from warehouse floor to board room chair?


Trust will breed and feed loyalty. When you trust your leadership and the team players to your right, left and centre, you have an overwhelming sense of comfort and belonging. These people are not just your team. They become your clan (remember I am Scottish!)... or if you prefer... your tribe. These are the people you can depend on 100%. They will give unconditional support, when virtual bullets fly a ndwhen the email storms and politics circle overhead. These people will be on your side, when niceties go out the window.

When you are literally fighting to protect yourself and your team - nothing more - your core value i.e. trust is the magic glue that will hold the business, school, organisation, family and of course the military unit together. Imagine if everyone on your team embodied loyalty and trust? What an unwavering sense of security (a huge driver for the majority of people) that would create?

Would loyalty give you a distinct competitive advantage over your competition? Trust me... it would!  

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