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How to Triumph in Adversity for Business Confidence

4 Things to help you Overcome the Adversity of Brexit

According to SkyNews Business Confidence is on the Up and Up!

CEO confidence is rebounding to Pre-Brexit vote levels. For the first time since the referendum, over 50% of firms  said they are optimistic about their prospects. The report by YouGov and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) showed business confidence increased.

Yet at the same time sterling is weakening. It is a very volatile market. If you are trading overseas this is very likely damaging your bottom line, profitability and cashflow. It's a very confusing and uncertain time. It is said that uncertainty is the death of business and yet in my opinion (and that of many business experts) is that uncertainty drives innovation and creativity. What can you do differently to grab this opportunity?

Look on the Bright Side

If there ever was a time you needed your British "stiff upper lip" it is now. We now have a unique opportunity and fortune does favour the brave. Brexit is a challenge; one which, in my experience, UK businesses and their leaders are more than capable of rising to. Yes, sterling is volatile however it was probably the world’s most overvalued currency. On the bright side, the fall makes British goods cheaper and more attractive on the world market.  Whether you voted in the Referendum for Brexit or not, the fact is we are where we are and need to cope in a confident and positive manner on a day-to-day basis.

Stick to Your Values

When we are pursuing goals that really matter, some stress is inevitable. So draw energy from any negative feelings rather than letting them beat you down. One way is to proactively take action that reflects your values. Protect your sanity and your brand by keep calming and holding steady. 

Be Curious

So while the Government must urgently figure out the future, business leaders cannot afford to wait. Business owners need to show the world and their employees that the UK is very much open for business and continues to welcome and value investment. We are looking to see how we can win new business in this tough time. That’s exactly what our company is doing and we’re proud to work with many others who share this positive confident focus.

Focus on Your People

You must retain your competitive advantage. Business leaders should make clear that EU talent is valued and essential in their organizations and that they won’t stop welcoming the people they need to remain on the cutting edge of their industries. Tell your own people first to make sure the message is loud and clear.


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