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Little Things Make a BIG Difference to Business Leadership Confidence


It's the Little Things

I notice little things not because I’m in the sales relationship business but because I'm human. And I’ve had some fabulous service of late from people who really care about their customers.

Take for example...

  1. Free bubbles at the hairdressers
  2. Client collected me from the station
  3. Waitress suggested a unique group photo
  4. Polite no-quibble replacement
  5. Coffee and home-made cake at the dealership
  6. A feedback form that was partly completed to make my task easier
  7. Call-centre that used my unusual first name and got it right!

On the other hand, I’ve also noted...

  1. Brand arrogance
  2. Out of date magazines in reception areas
  3. Dirty, poorly monitored toilets
  4. Driver seat position changed and plastic cover not removed after servicing
  5. Foul tasting stewed tea
  6. Broken wifi
  7. Taxi taking the long way round

When you create a culture that encourages the little things; that commits to a loving attention and to going the extra mile you boost your reputation and social “breadcrumbs”. In almost every positive experience, extra revenue and/or a Trip Advisor recommendation resulted for the businesses concerned. I love to praise great customer care esp. on Twitter @eilidhmilnes

In the St Regis Hotel Kuala Lumpur, we were allocated Holly as our personal “room butler”. How do think that made us feel? The fully automated electric toilet took a “wash and blow dry” to a whole new level! ☺

Alex Langley is a successful young sales executive with one of my clients, APC Cardiovascular. In fact, this post was originally created for the company's in-house "Eyes and Ears" magazine. Alex makes home-baked cookies to take to her clients. Her reputation is greatly enhanced as a result of this commitment. No wonder she's just been promoted to team leader. 

And my final "little thing" for this post was our surprise treat on the P&O Ferry, Pride of Rotterdam last week. Check out this new You Tube video. 

Do you examine your client experience in detail to identify opportunities to reduce customer effort and boost client satisfaction? Regardless of what sector you work it in, developing care for your clients costs little other than time and thoughtfulness. The payback can be enormous. Guess who has just Tweeted this post? Want more? Read "People Need to Know..."