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Power Words to Create a Business Confident Award Winning Website

Top Ten Words to Create an Award Winning Website


Persuasive words at work...

Would you like to have an award winning website? One that people rave about and re-visit time and time again?

The 10 Most Persuasive Words in the English Language

A study at the University of California shows that the most powerful words in English language are:

discovery, guarantee, love, proven, results, save, easy, health, money, new, safety, you.

Here's a sentence that includes them all. The new results you will achieve from the discovery of these proven words will guarantee you more love, better health and will save you money. And they are completely safe and easy to use!

Clients often engage me to help with their internal and external communications. And when it comes to creating copy, you don't have to use all of the power words! However I alwyas advise people to apply the 3:1 rule.

3:1 rule

You: According expert copywriters such as Jackie Barrie, you need to use "you" three times more than "I", "me" or "our". If you've heard me speak, you'll know that I often ask; “Who's the most important person in the world?” And the answer? "You" of course! So pepper your site with "you" to make the reader feel included and comfortable.

Results: Everyone wants results. I was in a meeting with business expert Roger Masterson, The Castle Man. I mentioned these facts:

"One corporate client reported 2.3% in sickness 2.71% attrition after my intervention."

"Put this on your website. Now!" Roger insisted. He's a successful entrepreneur, whose advice I take seriously, so I did! See more here.

Health: This is especially powerful when it applies to a product or solution. Some sectors such as the NHS are understandably preoccupied with health. One of my customers, who sells into this market focuses heavily on health and wellbeing.

Safety: We are driven by the need for love and safety. Keeping clients safe is hugely relevant for certain categories or segments such as investments, banking or construction for example.

Guarantee: This takes out the fear factor and reduces risk. It makes it much easier to make a decision to buy from you, rather than one of your competitors who does not offer this benefit.

Discover: Many people have an adventure gene and are excited to explore and discover fresh ways of thinking and doing. So sprinkle in a few discoveries to satisfy the appetite for the unfamiliar.

Love: Does your love of what you do exude from your marketing? You need to let your passion and commitment to your service outshine the crowded market place.

Proven: This is one powerful word. It gives reassurance. Most people want the comfort of tried and tested; few want to be guinea pigs. Using the word proven in your copy is savvy!

Save: When you appeal to a future client's desire to save or secure a bargain you're yet again appealing to the emotional side of his/her brain. This one is timeless. Consider the power of "Black Friday" sales.

New: According to anthropologists, our brain wiring goes back to prehistoric times. Our predecessors noted that those who ate old meat left at the back of caves were more likely to get sick and die. Those that ate new meat thrived and survived. So does this explain our inclination for all things new? It's certainly possible, isn't it? The fact is, new is a power word. I'm am not sure that accountancy firms will necessarily agree. They may prefer proven over new. So when you are writing copy for you webpage,

check that the copy includes words that reflect your different sectors.

Based on my experience of writing headlines, content and subject lines for thousands of blogs and email marketing campaigns, the word combination of “new” and “you” is powerful.

Emotion Wins Over Logic

Apply these ten points to test your marketing materials. You will create an award winning website and marketing materials of note. You will love the difference and so will your customers.

In Short

Include facts, figures and features, as they appeal to the logical side of the brain and deploy these marketing power words. However many decisions are made on "feelings," when the human brain doesn’t care a jot about logic. If you want to inspire action or influence change, you also need to appeal to the heart. Emotions win over facts! 100%

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