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Rising Above Redundancy - How to Rekindle Your Career Tips and Tricks

How to Kickstart Your Career

Here are 10 simple things you can do to improve your career in a matter of weeks. Many people feel uncomfortable at the thought of promoting themselves. Women in particular often assume a more passive role in the workplace. Fortunately, these ten simple methods can be deployed to become more visible, even if you are not naturally outgoing.

Being good at your job isn't the only requisite for getting ahead in your career. If key people aren't aware of you, you'll likely miss out on opportunities to improve your skills and take on interesting assignments, despite your hard work and good performance. It's not only what you know that matters, it's who you know and who knows you; especially if are facing redundancy.

In any organisation there’s a system; be that effective, cumbersome or laughable. Do whatever needs to be done to work that process, with a smile and great attitude. Learn to work inside it, through it or outside the system altogether.

1.Be personally well prepared

  • Project a positive, professional impact.
  • Be well dressed and groomed - aim for the “Wow” factor.
  • Seek the advice of an Image Coach.


2. Be well informed

  • About your organisation.
  • About your role and function.
  • About your specialism - become “the authority,” “the expert,” the “go-to."
  • Demonstrate your expertise.


3. Volunteer

  • Charity events are great for raising your profile while also contributing to a worthy cause. Assist your organization’s chosen nonprofit, or ask your company to sponsor you to take part in a charity race or other fundraising event.
  • To organize an event, help pre- and post- the day.
  • To prepare a survey and review the evaluations.
  • To deliver back a report.
  • To chair a working party.
  • To lead high-profile projects.
  • To make a speech e.g. at a promotion or leaving party.
  • To start a mastermind group.


4. Get into print

  • Prepare short weekly| regular reports to your up-line manager| team lead| head of department.
  • Help to issue press releases – the media are always keep to have well presented newsworthy stories – helping your company helps you.
  • Run the PR department of You Inc – Brand You!
  • Contribute to specialist journals| in-house newsletter| magazine| intranet.
  • Volunteer to write up reports on courses attended.
  • Organise tasks with your name on it if you are away – while you are away, you are ‘invisible’ e.g. long leave, maternity leave, sabbatical, overseas secondment.


5.Become a highly effective networker

  • Company-wide training events, such as seminars or "lunch and learn" sessions, provide great opportunities for you to become better known within your organisation. When you attend, contribute to discussions, and partner with people you don't already know in "break out" sessions, so that you can build your network.
  • Know your self-introduction and your elevator pitches.
  • Join appropriate associations and support groups.
  • Build relationships – this is the glue to make it all work.
  • Be known for sending hand-written “thank you” notes.
  • Send gifts to acknowledge and thank clients.
  • Mark and celebrate special occasions.
  • Social media – maximise LinkedIn, the professional on-line network.
  • Evaluate LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – build your personal strategy.


6. Field fabulous business cards

  • Ensure you always have a supply of clean, crisp cards in a card holder.
  • Fund yourself if necessary – buy the best you can afford
  • Put a head shot on the card if possible – it will help you be remembered
  • Print on both sides with additional information of value to the recipient.


7. Invest in professional headshots

  • Have a professional set of photographs taken – update regularly.
  • Issue as and when required.


8. Deliver noteworthy presentations

  • “People who speak well and communicate confidently, earn on average 81% more than those who do not." 
  • Practice makes perfect - stand and deliver at everyone opportunity.
  • Attend presentation skills courses.
  • Up-skill your abilities – I you are a  beginner, consider attending Toastmasters or ASC Clubs.
  • Download “Leave your DNA” my jazzy new Pdf. on how to make your talks more memorable.


9. Approach the recruiters

  • Find the best agencies for you both on- and off-line.
  • Don’t apply just for the experience; this wastes everyone’s time.
  • Field a first class current CV.


10.Know the rules

  • Mix with the movers and shakers.
  • Look for a sponsor – request my document, “Why sponsorship stops women.”
  • Seek out a mentor.


Finally, remember you don't just have to focus on yourself to raise your visibility. Use edification to highlight other people's achievements and abilities. Always share the credit with those who have helped you. Be respectful, and humble when appropriate.

Just do it! And DO IT NOW! Need additional support? Click here.

10 Top Visibility Tips