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Share! Share! Share! Public Speaking Confidence

Share, Share, Share

Sharing is Caring

The more you share with your audience the more they will love your work and the more likely they are to re-book and refer you. Sharing is caring. So when, what and where do you share? In fact, let's start with how.

Social Sharing

  1. Facebook loves images! Facebook stats. say that photos get seven times the amount of likes and ten times the number of shares, over purely written content. So post your pics!
  2. LinkedIn readers like shorter posts whereas Facebook followers prefer longer ones. Surprisingly, according to LinkedIn, shorter posts get much more engagement. Facebook appears to show the opposite. Strange but true apparently. Perhaps it is a sign of the times.
  3. Instagram is #HashtagHeaven! Figures from Instagram show that ###s are the main way of finding content, and that up to fifteen hashtags (yes that's 15!) per picture are normal. 


So all that said, where do you start? Many modern expert speakers and trainers agree that events start long before you take the stage. Personally, I use  Twitter effectively. In particular. I love to "talk" to my audiences beforehand. My aim is to get to know a little bit about them in advance. I schedule three or four Tweets per day, all others are made real-time.

My overall goal is to work with the conference organiser and add value to his/her event. I also find out who else is on the programme and copy in fellow presenters to my Tweets. Let's face it we all like a shout-out! Supporting both your clients and colleagues makes eminent sense. Typically I'll Tweet:

  • What issue would you like to see covered in my talk?
  • Do you have a particular question you'd like answered?
  • Do you have a top tip to share?
  • Click this link... to download the free talk specific Pdf.
  • Designed and branded images
  • Facts, links, figures to support the event


Once you're on the platform, are you prepared to share your best material? I've known speakers to say, "I'm not being paid my usual fee for this, so I'm not delivering my full keynote". Really? Whether I'm speaking to 8 or 800; whether I'm earning my full fee or not, l deliver to the highest standard possible. Firstly I always want to give of my best, secondly you never know who will be in your audience.

Even if only one man and his dog turn out to hear me speak, I still want to deliver in full the message he came to hear. Sometimes there are less numbers in the room than you anticipated. In such situations, I recommend you make the talk more interactive. Offer a question and answer option. Allow the audience to share more. Have fun with your interaction and make the delegates feel included.

Consider creating 'live' content so that during your speech your key points appear simultaneously on the on the screen and in the either. This allows for the audience members who like to use their smart devices to be more technologically engaged.

During your session, share your stories and your own unique perspective on the topic you have been invited deliver. Sometimes organisers want you to share your slides. This is your call. What is my thinking?

  • slides are my intellectual property
  • Mac Keynote slides often do not display well in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • I offer a jazzy Pdf. which enhances the talk with extra content and links

However that said, if a client needs my slides converted to PowerPoint and sent in advance, then I do so. Whatever is important to my customer is my top priority.


Again social media allows you expand your talk. To reinforce it, I share specially prepared branded images. I include interesting facts and useful links. I recommend  that you encourage delegates to share their comments, ideas, tips and photos taken at the event. The more involved they are the more they will learn.

Sometimes I run a competition. What could you do along similar lines? I also make myself available for a 20 minute conference call about 4 weeks after major events. This way delegates can ask individual questions, which I can answer and explain in more detail. Sharing your time and expertise reaps huge dividends.


In short, sharing is showing your generous spirit. Share with gusto, if you love what you do and you are planning on having a long and successful speaking career.

Post-engagement with your audience is not merely about data capture. Nowadays people are reluctant to part with their email addresses, due to abuse and unscrupluous spam. It's a pointless exercise to send unsolicited information. Instead, give away a document of real value and within it include the option to sign-up for your materials.

Once  people have had a positive experience and seen the quality of your newsletters, they are much more likely to request it. What is the point of mailing people with their consent? Or bombarding them with irrelevant content. They will only unsubscribe! It is a waste of time. It is unprofessional. Plus you run the risk of alienating a potential client. Have fun sharing and caring.

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