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Speaker Emergencies, Tips to Keep You Fit to Speak for Public Speaking Confidence

Top Speaking Tips to Keep You Well and Fit to Speak How to Keep Yourself Fit to Speak

Tricks and Tips to Keep You Speaking

What do you do when you have a hectic schedule? Many people have busy lives and some weeks are even more manic than others. I have a very full planner in the next four weeks. So I'll be following the advice I'm sharing with you here now.

What do you do to ensure that you deliver to your best; your very best for each and every one of your clients?

Observe the 5 Ps Preparation  

  1. Prepare and rehearse, create checklists and a process to simplify your preparation
  2. Planning - the old adage of "fail to plan, plan to fail" comes to mind,
  3. Promise - ensure that you can deliver to what you have committed too - this give added confidence,
  4. Perfect - aim for success not perfection, 
  5. Performance - delivering with style and panache. Check out this resource. Inject your DNA.


And that's where I find myself today. It is pretty simple. The preparation and planning are in place so now it's time to step out of a potentially stressful situation and relax. I'll enjoy a family meal, cycle in the countryside and double up on my vitamins.

How to Take Care of Your Voice

One of a speaker’s main concerns is losing their voice.  Here are some practical physical solutions for good voice management.

If you are dehydrated your throat will be dry, follow the nutrition guideline of 8 large glasses of water per day. Always have water to hand when presenting, keep sipping and lubricating your voice as you talk.

Keep your home and office aired. Central heating dries the atmosphere, which in turn can dry out your vocal cords. Consider a humidifier.

Being tired will affect your throat in the same way that it affects any muscular performance. You should rest your voice at times during the day for the same reason. Allow time to relax, unwind and do breathing exercises. A healthy, less stressed you will lead to a healthy, less stressed voice.

Watch Your Diet

Avoid eating late at night, as this encourages indigestion, which can affect the voice. Eat regular balanced meals. Limit your intake of foods which can increase the likelihood of an upset stomach, including spicy foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes, fatty foods, chocolate, alcohol and caffeine.

Nicotine and Alcohol

  1. More than 3 units of alcohol a day, can make your vocal cords swell. Your voice becomes husky, rough and lower pitched, so monitor your intake. Never drink alcohol prior to presenting.
  2. Smoking damages your lungs, affecting your breathing and therefore your voice; therefore speakers should not smoke. Smoking gives out a mixed message if you are a professional speaker. Being in a smoky environment, dries out and irritates your throat. Regular smoking can also make your vocal cords thicker, and your voice lower pitched and harsher. There is no point three please... STOP smoking. 

8 Tips if You Lose Your Voice

A sore throat is your body’s way of giving you a warning, so what do you do?

  1. Rest your voice as much as possible,
  2. Drink lots of cool drinks - hot ones can dry your throat,
  3. Inhale steam,
  4. Take a spoonfuls of honey throughout the day,
  5. Suck pastilles or boiled sweets to keep your mouth lubricated,
  6. Avoid medicated lozenges or cough sweets, as these will numb your throat. You then run the risk of talking more and potentially causing damage.
  7. Gargle with soluble aspirin up to 3 times per day. Rest between treatments.
  8. Vocal Zone (VZ) pastilles are an excellent remedy for a dry throat if you need to deliver. In my experience a VZ will give you a voice to present a 45 minute keynote without strain. At this point you should stop talking completely and put your throat into recovery mode. Celebrities like Sir Tom Jones, endorse VZ. They can be used to give the voice clarity and power prior to any speaking or singing engagement. 

Need more advice? Click here.  

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