Networking Confidence
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Networking Confidence

  • Do you use networking as part of your marketing mix?
  • Are  you networking to grow your connections and career?
  • Are you unsure what to say in the often dreaded ‘elevator pitch’?

Unfortunately, networking has a poor reputation. In my experience, the majority of people dislike or fear networking. Many people claim it doesn't work, however that's probably see it as a chore rather than a task to be mastered.

Effective networking today is nothing like old boys’ clubs, schmoozing and working the room. Doing networking ‘right’ just means using it strategically. When you network professionally and with the right attitude, it can be one of your most powerful business and personal development tools.

As a behavioural strategist, I know that doing things differently will make you more memorable. At my entertaining networking workshops, you are guaranteed to laugh while you learn how to stand out for all the right reasons. You will also learn about the importance of engagement. It's not so much ROI when networking, Nowadays, it is more about ROE; your return on engagement.


Networking Masterclasses and Workshops

Themes include:

  • How to stand out from the crowd: Your elevator speech.
  • How to be remembered: Your self-introduction. 
  • How and why you need to develop a powerful integrated social media strategy with a focus on LinkedIn.
  • How to create a networking ripple.
  • How to follow-up and and engage. Read more on: Networking Confidence.

You will leave with the knowledge and skills you need to close more business.

  1. Q. Who should attend? 
    A. If you win business via word-of-mouth, enhancing your networking skills gives you a way to do this strategically. My networking workshops suit CEOs, Managing Directors, Finance Directors and leadership teams as well as new recruits starting out in their careers; because each session is tailored to the delegates.
  2. Q. Why should we choose you? 
    A. Because positivity and confidence is essential to network effectively, and I can help you with that. What’s more, I run regular ‘Essential guide to networking’ sessions in Manchester – this workshop that is tried, tested, and proven to be successful. I can also deliver this training at your business location.  

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To chat about mastering your networking skills, just call or mail. 

As a business networking coach, Eilidh’s aim is to make the experience fun, motivational and highly participative. He enthusiastic and interactive approach will help you increase your self-confidence, enabling you to become highly effective in seeking out new business opportunities.

thumb Jane C Barber,
Managing Director, Jane C Barber Associates.

In 15 minutes, coach Eilidh Milnes woke us up to ways of presenting ourselves with confidence previously undreamed of. Subject: the elevator pitch. Result: an awareness of the value of developing a comfortable 21-word snippet, slantable towards the needs of our fellow elevator occupants. All highly entertaining, highly instructive. Everyone very much inspired to find an elevator.

thumb Elizabeth Gates,
Director, Lonely Furrow Company.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to build their confidence, improve and manage relationships, and have fun while learning how to become an effective networker. The course was dynamic and interactive. Eilidh was a super-enthusiastic teacher.

thumb Natalie Goldsmith,
Fundraising Manager, The Friendship Circle.

Eilidh is a breath of fresh air! She's an inspiring trainer and presenter and manages to get a point across by making things fun. When I heard she was running a course on how to network (and enjoy it!), I signed up straightaway. The course was great: she had lots examples of how to get a conversation going and end it graciously, how to prepare a great 'elevator speech ', as well as tips on social networking.

thumb Rachel Chenery,
Solicitor, Co-operative Legal Services.

Working with Eilidh doesn't feel like work! She has a great skill of bringing fun, energy, and passion to the workplace. I had the pleasure to work with Eilidh for a conference with my organization and she was easy to communicate and work with from day one. Her ability to listen and understand our organization was matched by none. In addition to an energetic keynote speech, Eilidh was able to bring tailored sessions to our organization to take advantage of her time while in the US. It was a pleasure and refreshing experience to work with Eilidh and I hope our paths cross again soon!

thumb Debbie Brin
Vice President HR, LaSalle, Chicago,.

Just meeting Eilidh was a communications boost. I was interviewed at a corporate conference where Eilidh was the keynote speaker, lucky for me! Her overall presentation got the entire audience upbeat and excited about enhancing communications and pursuing leadership goals with confidence. Eilidh's exercises helped me break down a complex message I've struggled with for a while. She made it so simple and joyous. She is deceptively masterful to put so many people at ease so quickly and to sharpen communications skills for professionals of varied backgrounds and experience.

thumb Marjorie Tsang,
Professor, Johns Hopkins University USA.

Learn to be Confident in
Business, Career, Networking & Public Speaking

Business Confidence

How would increased self-awareness and reduced conflict impact performance?
Do all your high-flyers have the communication skills they need?
Would you like to reduce absenteeism and staff turnover?

Career Confidence

Are you looking for a new direction, or a new role after redundancy?
Need a hand to reach the next rung on the promotion ladder?
Trying to overcome issues that are holding you back?

Networking Confidence

Do you ever go networking as part of your marketing strategy?
Are you worried what to say in your ‘elevator pitch’?
Do you want the inside secrets of how to use networking to your advantage?

Speaking Confidence

Do you ever have to give presentations?
Does the thought of speaking in public leave you dry-mouthed and wobbly at the knees?
Do you dream of stepping onto that stage in full confidence?

About Eilidh Milnes, cited as Captain Positive

Eilidh Milnes, AKA Captain Cofidence

Eilidh Milnes


Wondering how to pronounce her fine Scottish name? It’s Ay-lee.

Eilidh Milnes provides a fresh perspective and commonsense solutions for everyday problems.

She inspires audiences to boost their confidence, productivity and resilience through her exuberance and storytelling. As soon as you hear Eilidh speak, you will realise why she’s known as ‘Captain Positive’

As a result of learning to collaborate using no-nonsense communication, dramatic improvements have occurred for her clients, which include: public sector; blue-chip corporates such as BAE Systems, Barclays, BT, Compass, Hochtief, Morgan Stanley and PwC, plus a wide range of SMEs and individuals.

An award-winning author, Eilidh has been an international speaker and coach since 1995. In 2014, she was National President of the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland.

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