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It's What You Do Now

It's What You Do Now


Whatever it is that needs to be done, just do it! Speed stuns!


Most people find a quick response surprising. They notice it – and it immediately sets you apart. There are plenty of opportunities for fast reactions:

  • emails (same hour responses set you apart)
  • voice mail (same day – even if simply an acknowledgement)
  • commitments made at networking events to call and set-up a lunch together (next day)
  • commitments to schedule a meeting (same day – if it needs to be coordinated, send acknowledgement and projected timetable)
  • commitments to send materials or other follow-up items (get them in the mail immediately).

With all the delays, back burners and good intentions you experience nowadays, when you gets a genuinely quick response – even a simple call back – it stuns them. It's a great attitude for careers, relationships and life in general. 


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